Meaning: Edwin is an Old English name composed of the elements “ead” (wealth, fortune) and “wine” (friend). It signifies a prosperous and friendly companion, highlighting generosity, loyalty, and congeniality.

Name: Edwin

Meaning: The name Edwin is of Old English origin, derived from the elements “ead,” meaning wealth or prosperity, and “wine,” meaning friend. Therefore, the name Edwin is often interpreted as “rich friend” or “friend of prosperity.”

Background history: Edwin is a classic and traditional name that has been in use for centuries. It has Anglo-Saxon roots and was popular among the English royalty and nobility in medieval times. One of the most famous bearers of the name is King Edwin of Northumbria, who ruled in the 7th century and played a significant role in the Christianization of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

Today, Edwin remains a timeless and distinguished name that exudes strength, loyalty, and friendship. It has also been a popular choice for literary characters and historical figures in different cultures.

Overall, the name Edwin carries a sense of sophistication and charm, making it a great choice for parents looking for a classic yet distinctive name for their baby boy.


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