Finnegan is an Irish name meaning “fair-headed.” It conveys a sense of charm and mischief, often associated with an adventurous and witty personality.

The name Finnegan is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic surname Ó Fionnagáin, which means “son of Fionnagán.” Fionnagán comes from the Gaelic word “fionn,” meaning “fair” or “white,” and a diminutive suffix, denoting “little fair one” or “fair-haired.”

Finnegan has a rich history in Irish culture and literature. One of the most well-known references to the name is the Irish folk song “Finnegan’s Wake,” which tells the story of Tim Finnegan, a construction worker who falls to his death but is revived at his wake due to spilled whiskey. This song was later popularized by James Joyce in his novel “Finnegans Wake.”

The name Finnegan has gained popularity in recent years and is often chosen for its Irish heritage and literary associations. It is a charming and playful name that conveys a sense of strength and resilience, making it a great choice for parents seeking a classic yet unique name for their child.


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