Originating from Old Norse, Garth means “enclosed garden” or “dweller of the garden.” It evokes a peaceful and nurturing environment.

The name Garth is of Old Norse origin, meaning “enclosed yard or garden.” It was originally a surname used to describe someone who lived near a garden or enclosed piece of land. Over time, it has become a popular given name in English-speaking countries.

In recent years, the name Garth has been associated with strength, stability, and a strong connection to nature. It gives off a sense of traditional charm and masculinity. Its simple and straightforward sound makes it a classic choice for parents looking for a timeless name for their baby boy.

Notable individuals with the name Garth include country music star Garth Brooks and actor Garth Hudson. The name has also been featured in popular culture, such as in the comic strip “Garfield” and the TV show “Wayne’s World.”

Overall, Garth is a strong and rooted name that evokes a sense of heritage and natural beauty.


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