With English and Scottish origins, Gibson is a surname that means “son of Gilbert” or “son of the bright pledge.” It carries the connotation of being the descendant of a reliable and trustworthy individual.

Name: Gibson

Meaning: The name Gibson is of English origin and is derived from the Middle English personal name “Gib,” which is a pet form of the name Gilbert. The name Gilbert itself comes from the Old Germanic elements “gisil” meaning “hostage” or “noble youth” and “berht” meaning “bright” or “famous.”

Background history: The surname Gibson originated as a patronymic name, meaning it was derived from the personal name of a father or ancestor. It was typically used to identify the son of a man named Gilbert. The name has been used as both a surname and a given name in English-speaking countries for many centuries.

Famous bearers of the name Gibson include American actor and director Mel Gibson, and English musician and member of The Beatles, George Harrison (whose birth name was Harold George Harrison, but he was often known by his nickname “Gibson”).

Gibson is a strong, classic name that exudes a sense of nobility and brightness, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a timeless and traditional name for their child.

Overall, Gibson is a name with a rich history and a strong, masculine sound that can make a striking choice for a baby boy.


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