Harrisson is a variation of the name Harrison. It carries the same meaning of “son of Harry” or “son of Henry,” symbolizing a person who values their family lineage and history.

The name Harrisson is a variation of the name Harrison, which is of English origin. Harrison comes from the medieval English given name Harry, which is a diminutive of Henry. The name itself means “son of Harry” or “son of Henry.”

Harrison has a long history of usage as a surname in England, particularly in the northern counties. It eventually became popular as a first name in the United States in the 19th century, likely due to its association with American President William Henry Harrison.

As for the spelling variation Harrisson, the extra “s” may be a unique twist on the name or simply a variant spelling. It adds a unique touch to the traditional name Harrison while still keeping it recognizable.

Overall, Harrisson is a strong and distinguished name with a rich history. It carries connotations of leadership and strength, making it a great choice for parents looking for a classic yet slightly unique name for their baby boy.


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