A Biblical name derived from the Hebrew Yaakov, meaning “supplanter” or “one who takes by the heel”.

The name Jacob is of Hebrew origin, derived from the name Yaakov. It means “supplanter” or “heel grabber” in Hebrew, as Jacob in the Bible was born holding onto his twin brother Esau’s heel. The name also carries the connotation of someone who is ambitious and determined.

Jacob is a name with a rich biblical history. In the Old Testament, Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah, and he became the patriarch of the Israelites. He was known for his cunning and eventual transformation into a righteous man. Jacob’s story is detailed in the book of Genesis, where he wrestled with an angel and had his name changed to Israel, meaning “one who struggles with God.”

The name Jacob has remained popular for centuries and has been consistently ranked among the top names for boys in various countries. It has a classic and timeless appeal, making it a favorite choice for parents looking for a strong and traditional name for their son.

Overall, Jacob is a name with deep roots in biblical history and a strong, enduring legacy that has made it a beloved choice for generations.


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