Derived from a Persian name meaning “bringer of treaure”.

The name Jasper is of English origin and has Germanic roots, derived from the Old French name Gaspar, which itself comes from the Persian name Caspar. The name Jasper is often associated with the semi-precious stone of the same name, which is known for its unique patterns and colors.

In terms of meaning, Jasper is often interpreted as “treasurer” or “bringer of treasure,” which reflects the value and beauty associated with the gemstone. In biblical history, Jasper was one of the precious stones used to decorate the walls of the New Jerusalem.

Jasper has been a popular name throughout history, with notable figures such as Jasper Johns, an American artist, and Jasper Carrott, a British comedian, bearing the name. In modern times, Jasper has gained popularity as a fashionable and unique choice for baby boys.

Overall, Jasper is a name with a rich history, symbolic meanings, and a touch of elegance, making it a timeless and stylish choice for any child.


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