A Portuguese form of the Hebrew name Jeremiah, meaning “Yahweh will exalt” in English.

Jeremias is a masculine name that originates from the Hebrew name Yirmeyahu, meaning “Yahweh has uplifted” or “Yahweh will exalt.” The name has biblical origins, being borne by a prophet in the Old Testament, known in English as Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a significant figure in Israelite history, known for his prophecies and messages of warning and hope.

The name Jeremias has been used in various cultures and languages, often with slight variations in spelling. It carries a sense of strength and divine guidance, making it a meaningful choice for parents looking for a name with a biblical connection.

In terms of popularity, Jeremias is less common compared to other biblical names like Jacob or David, which can give it a unique and distinctive quality. It has a classic and timeless feel that can suit a baby boy as he grows into adulthood. Overall, Jeremias is a name with a rich history and powerful significance that can make it a special choice for a child.


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