A combination of John and Jonathan, meaning “God is gracious” and “Yahweh has given”, respectively.

The name Johnathan is a variant spelling of the name Jonathan. Jonathan is of Hebrew origin, derived from the name Yehonatan, which means “gift of God” or “Yahweh has given.” In the Bible, Jonathan was the son of King Saul and a close friend of David. The name has been popular in English-speaking countries for centuries and has remained a classic and timeless choice.

Johnathan is a modern variation of Jonathan that adds the common English name element “John” at the beginning. This name variation is seen as a slightly more unique twist on the traditional name Jonathan. It gives the name a fresh feel while still maintaining its strong and meaningful roots.

Johnathan is a name that conveys a sense of strength, faith, and divine blessing. Its long history and enduring popularity make it a solid choice for parents looking for a name with a rich background and a touch of modern flair.


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