A combination of the names Jud and the Latin suffix -son, meaning “son of”.

The name Judson is of English origin and is derived from the surname Jud, which itself comes from the given name Jordan. Jordan is of Hebrew origin and means “flowing down” or “descend.” In this sense, the name Judson can be interpreted to mean “descendant of Jordan” or “one who descends.”

The name Judson first gained popularity as a given name in the 19th century in America. It has a strong and solid sound, which makes it a great choice for parents looking for a traditional yet distinctive name for their child.

Famous bearers of the name Judson include Judson Laipply, an American motivational speaker and YouTuber known for his “Evolution of Dance” video, and Judson Beaumont, a Canadian artist and designer known for his whimsical furniture creations.

Overall, Judson is a strong and meaningful name with a rich history that would be a great choice for a baby boy.


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