A boys name of Hawaiian origin meaning “enlightened”

The name “Kawalu” is of Hawaiian origin and typically means “breeze” or “gentle wind” in the Hawaiian language. In Hawaiian culture, the wind is often seen as a powerful force that can bring change and rejuvenation. Naming a child Kawalu can symbolize grace, tranquility, and the idea of moving with ease through life’s challenges.

In Hawaiian tradition, the elements of nature often hold great significance, and the wind is believed to carry messages and positive energy. Naming a child after the wind can be a way to honor the natural world and invite its positive influence into the child’s life.

Choosing a name like Kawalu for your baby can also be a unique and meaningful way to connect to Hawaiian culture and ancestry, even if you do not have direct ties to the islands. The name carries with it a sense of beauty, harmony, and the idea of being carried by the currents of life.

Overall, Kawalu is a beautiful and evocative name that can bring a sense of peace and movement to your child’s identity, linking them to the natural world and the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii.


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