A boys name of Japanese origin meaning “goat”

The name Kiso is of Japanese origin and is predominantly a surname. The name Kiso has roots in both nature and geography, as it is derived from the Kiso Valley, a picturesque region in central Japan known for its beautiful mountains, forests, and rivers.

The Kiso Valley holds historical significance as it was once an important transportation route during the feudal period of Japan. The Kiso Valley is also home to the famous Nakasendo Trail, an ancient highway that connected Kyoto and Tokyo.

In terms of personal names, Kiso is not as commonly used as a given name in Japanese culture. However, its unique sound and serene associations with nature could make it a meaningful choice for those seeking a rare and distinctive name for their child.

Overall, the name Kiso is a lovely choice that evokes images of natural beauty and historical significance, making it a unique and intriguing option for parents looking for a name with deeper meaning.


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