A boys name of Japanese origin meaning “eternal life”

The name Konori is a unique and uncommon name that is of Japanese origin. It is derived from the Japanese language and does not have a direct English translation.

In terms of its meaning, the name Konori can be broken down into two parts. The first part “Ko” can mean “child” or “small” in Japanese, while the second part “Nori” can mean “ceremony” or “rise” depending on the kanji characters used to write the name.

As a relatively modern name, Konori might not have an extensive historical background like more traditional Japanese names. It is possible that this name has been created or adapted by combining different kanji characters to give it a unique and meaningful sound.

Konori can be an elegant and distinctive name choice for a baby, evoking a sense of uniqueness and creativity. It has a melodic and attractive sound which may appeal to parents looking for a name that stands out.


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