English origin name derived from the Old English surname, meaning “long hill”

The name Langdon is of English origin and has a noble and sophisticated sound to it. It is derived from Old English elements, with “lang” meaning “long” and “dun” meaning “hill.” Therefore, Langdon can be interpreted to mean “long hill” or “tall hill.”

The name Langdon has a historical background as a surname that was originally used to describe people who lived near or on a long hill. It could also be a locational surname derived from places named Langdon in England.

In modern times, Langdon is now commonly used as a first name, adding a touch of elegance and strength to a child’s name. Its unique sound and historical origins make it a distinctive choice for parents looking for a name that is timeless yet not too common.

Overall, Langdon is a versatile name that can suit a child of any gender and would be a great choice for those who appreciate names with a rich history and meaningful etymology.


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