Old English origin name derived from the word ‘legeman’, meaning “lawman”

Name: Leman

Meaning: The name Leman is of Old French origin, derived from the word “liement” meaning “a tenant” or “an adherent.” It can also be associated with the Latin word “limen” meaning “threshold” or “doorway.”

History: The name Leman has historical significance and has been recorded as a given name for several centuries. It was commonly used in medieval France and England, typically as a surname denoting someone’s occupation or status as a tenant. In some cases, it may have been given to someone who lived near a threshold or entrance.

Popularity: The name Leman is considered unique and uncommon in modern times, making it a distinctive choice for a baby name. Its rarity adds to its charm and appeal for parents looking for a name that stands out.

Overall, Leman is a meaningful and intriguing name with a rich history that adds depth and character to a child’s identity.


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