Italian origin name meaning “dear one”

Name: Lino

Meaning: Lino is a masculine name of Italian origin, derived from the Latin name “Linus.” The name is thought to have originated from the ancient Greek word “linon,” which means “flax,” a plant used to make linen.

Background history of the name: The name Lino has roots in Greek mythology, as Linus was the name of a son of the god Apollo and a muse named Calliope. He was known for his musical talent, and his tragic death at the hands of Apollo’s jealous sons. The name has also been used in various cultures, including Italian and Spanish-speaking countries.

Popularity: Lino is a relatively uncommon name in modern times, but it has a classic and timeless feel to it. It may appeal to those looking for a distinctive name with ancient roots and a musical connection.

Overall, Lino is a strong and unique name with a rich history and a beautiful meaning associated with the natural world.


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