Deriving from the Hebrew Mīkhā’ēl meaning “who is like God?”

The name Michael is of Hebrew origin, meaning “Who is like God?” It is a widely popular name in many cultures and has been used for centuries. In religious contexts, Michael is known as an archangel in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions, symbolizing strength, courage, and protection.

The name Michael has roots in biblical stories, where the archangel Michael is described as a powerful warrior who defeats evil forces. This has contributed to the name’s association with bravery and leadership.

Variants of the name Michael exist in different languages, such as Mikhail in Russian and Spanish, and Michel in French. The name has remained consistently popular over the years and has been a top choice for parents around the world.

Michael is a timeless and classic name that carries a sense of dignity and authority. It is a great choice for parents looking for a strong and traditional name with deep historical and religious significance.


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