Derived from the Old Welsh name ‘Morcant’, meaning ‘sea defender’.

The name Morgan has both Welsh and Irish roots, with slightly different meanings in each language. In Welsh, Morgan is a masculine name that means “sea circle” or “sea defender,” derived from the old Welsh words “mor” meaning sea and “cant” meaning circle or defender. In Irish, Morgan is a gender-neutral name that means “great, bright, or white sea,” originating from the Gaelic name Muirgen or Morgen.

Historically, Morgan has been used as a surname, particularly in Wales and Ireland. The Welsh surname Morgan can be traced back to the 13th century, with notable figures such as the Welsh king Morgan ap Maredudd. In Irish mythology, there is a famous tale about a fairy named Muirgen who was transformed into a mermaid, linking the name Morgan to mystical and enchanting qualities.

The name Morgan gained popularity as a first name in the English-speaking world in the late 20th century, especially for girls. It is considered a unisex name, but has been more commonly used for girls in recent years. Morgan has a strong and versatile quality, evoking images of the sea, strength, and beauty.


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