Scottish surname derived from the French word napere, meaning ‘timber’

The name Napier is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Old French word “nappe,” meaning a flat or level piece of land. It could also be linked to the Middle English word “nape,” referring to a knob, top, or summit. The name could have been originally used as a descriptive surname for someone who lived on or near flat land or a high point.

The Napier surname has historical significance in Scotland, with notable individuals such as John Napier, who was a famous mathematician and inventor of logarithms in the 16th century. The Napier family has longstanding roots in Scotland and has been associated with various accomplishments and contributions over the centuries.

Today, the name Napier can be a unique and distinctive choice for a baby’s first name, honoring both Scottish heritage and a legacy of intelligence and innovation. It can also be a nod to the family history and traditions.


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