Short for the name Nathan

The name Natty is a charming and whimsical choice for a baby. It is often considered a nickname for the name Natalie or Nathan, but can also stand alone as a unique given name.

The name Natty has English origins and is derived from the Latin name “Natalie,” which means “birthday” or “born on Christmas day.” This name became popular in the English-speaking world in the 19th century and is associated with qualities such as natural charm, creativity, and a free-spirited nature.

Natty has a playful and endearing sound, making it a popular choice among parents looking for a cute and quirky name for their child. It exudes a sense of fun and lightheartedness, perfect for a baby who brings joy and laughter to those around them.

Overall, Natty is a delightful name with a rich history and cheerful vibe, making it a wonderful choice for a baby who is sure to brighten up the lives of those around them.


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