A Hebrew name, meaning “servant of God”.

The name Obadiah has Hebrew origins and means “servant of God” or “worshipper of God.” It is a biblical name, appearing in the Old Testament as the name of one of the minor prophets. Obadiah is known for his prophetic message against Edom in the Bible.

The name Obadiah has a strong and noble sound to it, reflecting qualities of devotion and faithfulness. It is considered a traditional name with deep religious significance, making it a popular choice among parents seeking a name with a strong biblical connection.

Despite its ancient roots, Obadiah has managed to maintain a sense of timeless appeal and is still used today by parents looking for a meaningful and unique name for their child. The name’s rarity adds to its charm, making it stand out among more common names.

Overall, Obadiah is a name rich in history and meaning, perfect for parents looking for a name with a strong biblical background and a powerful sound.


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