A Norse name referring to the god of war, wisdom and magick.

The name Odin originates from Norse mythology and belongs to the chief god in the Norse pantheon. Odin is often depicted as a powerful and wise figure associated with warfare, wisdom, poetry, and magic.

In Norse mythology, Odin is known as the Allfather, as he is considered the father of all gods. He is revered for his knowledge and is said to have sacrificed one of his eyes at the well of Mimir in exchange for wisdom.

The name Odin itself is of Old Norse origin, derived from the word “óðr” meaning “inspiration” or “fury.” It has a strong and bold sound, echoing the strength and wisdom associated with the mythological figure.

The name Odin has gained popularity in modern times, with parents often choosing it for its strong and unique qualities. It is a distinctive choice that carries a sense of power and wisdom, making it a striking option for those seeking a name with mythological origins and a rich history.


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