An old English name which is derived from “oc” meaning “oak tree”.

The name Oglesby is of English origin and is believed to be a locational surname derived from the Old Norse personal name “Okul”, meaning “owl”, combined with the Old Norse “byr”, meaning “settlement” or “farm”. This gives the name Oglesby the meaning of “owl’s settlement” or “farm of the owl”.

The surname Oglesby is mainly found in Scotland and England, indicating a possible Scottish or English heritage. It likely originated as a surname for individuals who lived near an area known for its owls or possibly where owls were believed to be significant in folklore.

In terms of popularity as a first name, Oglesby is quite unique and uncommon. This rarity can be appealing to parents looking for a distinctive and unconventional name for their child. The name Oglesby carries a sense of mystery and nature, evoking images of the majestic owl and the tranquil countryside.

Overall, Oglesby is a name with a rich history and a charming, nature-inspired meaning that can make it a memorable choice for a baby boy.


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