A Persian name, meaning “hope”.

The name Omid is a Persian name commonly used for boys and it means “hope” or “expectation.” It is derived from the Persian word “امید” (omid), which represents the sentiment of looking forward to a positive outcome or future. In Persian culture, the concept of hope is highly valued and this name reflects the optimistic outlook on life.

Omid is a popular name in Iran and among Persian-speaking communities around the world. It has a rich history and has been used for generations, symbolizing the idea of keeping faith and hope alive even in challenging times. The name has a poetic and graceful sound to it, making it a beloved choice for parents seeking a meaningful and uplifting name for their child.

Omid carries a sense of resilience and positivity, making it a wonderful choice for a baby boy. It conveys the idea of looking towards the future with optimism and faith, which can be a source of inspiration for both the individual bearing the name and those around him.


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