From the Latin Paschalis, meaning Easter; a powerful and strong name

Pasquale is a traditional Italian name that comes from the Latin name Paschalis, meaning “relating to Easter” or “born at Easter.” It is the equivalent of the English name Pascal.

The name Pasquale has a strong religious connotation, as it is associated with the Easter holiday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Christianity. This symbolism makes Pasquale a popular choice for boys born around the Easter season.

In Italian culture, the name Pasquale has a long history and is often passed down through generations within families. It is a classic and timeless name that conveys a sense of tradition and heritage.

Famous individuals with the name Pasquale include Pasquale Amato, an Italian operatic baritone, and Pasquale Rotella, the founder of Insomniac Events, known for organizing the popular music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival.

Overall, Pasquale is a sophisticated and dignified name that carries with it elements of faith and tradition.


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