Russian form of the Latin name Paul, meaning small

Name: Pavel

Meaning: Pavel is a Slavic name derived from the Latin name Paulus, meaning “small” or “humble.” It can also be associated with the Biblical figure Saint Paul, who was an influential apostle in early Christianity.

Background history: The name Pavel has a long and rich history in Slavic countries, particularly in Russia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. It has been a popular name for boys throughout the centuries and is often chosen for its strong, traditional sound. Saint Pavel, or Saint Paul, is highly revered in Eastern Orthodox Christian traditions, further adding to the significance of this name in certain cultures.

Other info: Pavel is a versatile and timeless name that is both classic and modern sounding. It is a great choice for parents seeking a name with historical and cultural significance, yet still unique and not overly common. The name Pavel is often associated with qualities such as strength, humility, and faith, making it a meaningful choice for a baby boy.


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