From the Latin for little eagle

The name Pellinore has origins in Arthurian legend and has a rich history dating back to medieval literature. In Arthurian legend, Pellinore is portrayed as a noble knight who is known for his bravery, loyalty, and chivalry. He is often depicted as a valiant warrior who plays a significant role in the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The meaning of the name Pellinore is believed to be uncertain, as it has been interpreted in various ways over the years. Some sources suggest that it may be derived from the Welsh name “Pwyll,” which means “sense” or “judgment.” Others speculate that it could be related to the Celtic word “pwyll,” meaning “prince” or “leader.”

While Pellinore is not a common name today, it has a strong and noble sound that evokes images of courage and honor. Choosing the name Pellinore for a child may be a way to pay homage to the rich tradition of Arthurian legend and to instill qualities of bravery and integrity.


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