Indian name meaning hill of gold

The name Penugonda is of Indian origin and typically used in the Telugu-speaking regions of India. It is composed of two parts: “Penu” which means face, and “gonda” which means round or circle. Therefore, Penugonda can be interpreted as “round-faced” or “having a face like a circle.”

In Hindu culture, names often describe qualities or characteristics that the parents wish for their child to possess. Penugonda might have been traditionally given to babies with round or cherubic faces, as a way to bring them good fortune or emphasize their beauty.

It’s worth noting that names in Indian culture often carry deep significance and are carefully chosen based on cultural, religious, or astrological beliefs. Penugonda may have been a popular name within certain communities or families with a connection to the meaning or origin of the name.

Overall, Penugonda is a unique and culturally rich name that carries a sense of visual imagery and may hold special meaning for those who choose it for their child.


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