Old English name meaning “one who cuts off the head of birds”

The name Pollard is of English origin and has several different meanings and origins.

One meaning is that it is a surname of English origin derived from the Middle English word “poll-erd,” which means someone who lived or worked near a pond or a pool. Another possible origin is from the Old French word “polard,” which means someone who has had their hair cut or head shaved, often as a nickname for someone with a close-cropped haircut.

In terms of history, the surname Pollard has been found in England since the medieval period, and it is likely that individuals with this surname would have been involved in activities related to ponds, pools, hairdressing, or other occupations linked to these meanings.

As a given name, Pollard is unique and uncommon, making it a distinctive choice for a baby boy. It carries a sense of history and tradition while also being modern and fresh. It could be a great choice for parents looking for a name that stands out and has a strong, masculine sound.


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