This dramatic Greek name means ‘much fruit’, a symbol of growth, opportunity, and abundance.

Name: Polycarp

Meaning: Polycarp is of Greek origin and is composed of two elements: “poly” meaning “many” and “karpos” meaning “fruit.” Therefore, the name Polycarp can be interpreted as “bearing much fruit” or “abundantly fruitful.”

Background history: Polycarp is a name with a strong historical significance, especially in Christian tradition. Saint Polycarp was a 2nd-century Christian bishop of Smyrna (modern-day Izmir in Turkey) and one of the early Church Fathers. He is recognized as a significant figure in early Christianity for his writings and martyrdom. Saint Polycarp is often remembered for his steadfast faith and refusal to renounce his beliefs, even in the face of persecution.

Additional info: The name Polycarp has a sense of strength and resilience associated with it, making it a meaningful choice for parents who appreciate historical significance and Christian roots. It is a unique and uncommon name that can stand out while also carrying a rich heritage.


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