From the Welsh meaning holy

The name Powys is of Welsh origin and is a geographical surname derived from the traditional county of Powys in Wales. The county of Powys was a historic region in Wales, named after an ancient kingdom that existed in the early Middle Ages.

The name Powys is derived from the Welsh word “pŵy” or “powys,” which means “power” or “force.” As a given name, Powys is quite rare and not commonly used, making it a unique and distinctive choice for a baby name.

Given its historical and geographical significance, the name Powys can be a meaningful choice for parents looking to connect their child to Welsh heritage or to convey a sense of strength and power. It could also appeal to those with a love for Welsh culture or a connection to the region of Powys.

Overall, Powys is a distinctive and uncommon name that can carry a strong sense of history and heritage for a child.


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