Welsh name meaning care

Name: Pryderi

Meaning: Pryderi is a traditional Welsh name and its meaning is often interpreted as “care” or “worry.” It can also be associated with the idea of thoughtfulness or consideration.

Background: In Welsh mythology, Pryderi is a significant figure and plays a prominent role in the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh legends. Pryderi is the son of Pwyll, the Prince of Dyfed, and Rhiannon, a beautiful and enigmatic figure associated with horses and the Otherworld. Pryderi’s story involves elements of adventure, magic, and destiny, making the name carry a sense of nobility and mystique.

Historically, Welsh names like Pryderi hold deep cultural significance and are often rooted in folklore, history, or nature. The name’s association with a heroic and mythical figure adds to its appeal for parents looking for a unique and meaningful name for their child.

Overall, Pryderi is a distinctive and intriguing name with a rich Welsh heritage that can evoke qualities of introspection, responsibility, and strength.


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