A bold, unique Arabic name, with a meaning of ‘judge’. It speaks of someone with authority and gravitas.

The name Qazi has Persian and Arabic origins and is commonly used in muslim communities. In Arabic, Qazi (also spelled Qadi) means “judge” or “jurist,” reflecting someone who holds an important position in the legal system of Islamic law. In Persian, Qazi can also refer to a religious scholar or a person with knowledge and authority in religious matters.

Historically, the title Qazi was given to individuals who presided over Islamic courts, interpreting and applying Islamic law in legal matters. They were respected figures in the community and played a crucial role in resolving disputes and upholding justice.

As a name, Qazi carries a sense of wisdom, authority, and righteousness. It may be chosen by parents who wish to honor their cultural or religious heritage, or who value qualities such as fairness and intelligence. Qazi is a unique and meaningful name that can be a reminder of the importance of justice and ethical living.


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