This is a name of Latin origin meaning “quest or search” and suggests an individual always on the lookout for adventure.

The name Quest is a unique and adventurous choice for a baby boy. It is of English origin and is derived from the word “quest,” which means a long or arduous search for something. The name evokes a sense of curiosity, ambition, and determination.

Although Quest is not a traditional or common name, it has been growing in popularity as parents seek out more distinctive and meaningful names for their children. The name carries connotations of embarking on a journey, seeking knowledge, and pursuing one’s goals with passion and purpose.

Choosing the name Quest for your child may symbolize the idea of life as a grand adventure, full of opportunities to explore, learn, and grow. It can inspire a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the challenges and mysteries that lie ahead.

Overall, Quest is a bold and intriguing name that conveys a spirit of exploration and quest for meaning in life.


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