A Nahuatl name meaning ‘precious’, it speaks to the immense worth that one holds, and the value that they bring to the world.

Name: Quetzalli

Meaning: Quetzalli is a beautiful and unique name of Nahuatl origin, meaning “precious feather” or “beautiful plume.” In Aztec culture, feathers were highly valued and symbolized power, beauty, and spirituality. The name Quetzalli captures the essence of this symbolism, representing something precious and beautiful.

Background History: Quetzalli has its roots in ancient Mesoamerican cultures, particularly the Aztec civilization. The Aztecs worshipped the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, who was associated with wind and creativity. Feathers held great significance in Aztec society, and were used in elaborate headdresses and ceremonial attire as a symbol of status and divinity.

The name Quetzalli not only reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Aztecs but also embodies elements of nature and spirituality. It carries a sense of beauty, grace, and uniqueness that sets it apart as a distinctive and meaningful name choice.

Overall, Quetzalli is a name that resonates with history, cultural depth, and a sense of reverence for the natural world, making it a truly special and evocative choice for a baby girl.


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