A Spanish name meaning ‘free’, it reflects the liberating power of one’s spirit, and the courage to break out from any kind of limitation.

The name Quitas is an uncommon and unique name for a baby boy. It has Spanish origins and is derived from the Spanish word “quitas,” which means “to remove” or “to take away.” This name carries a sense of power and strength, symbolizing someone who can overcome obstacles and eliminate challenges in their path.

In terms of history, the name Quitas does not have a widely recognized background or cultural significance. It is a relatively modern name that may have been created or adapted from existing names with similar sounds or meanings.

While the name Quitas may not have a long history or tradition behind it, it can be a distinctive choice for parents looking for a name that is both meaningful and unique. It conveys a sense of determination and resilience, making it a great option for a baby boy who is destined for greatness.


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