A Yoruba name meaning ‘beautiful’, it speaks of someone who is graceful and possesses an enchanting aura.

The name Quoqo is of African origin, specifically from the Akan people of Ghana. In the Akan culture, names are chosen based on the day a child is born, as well as other factors such as birth order and family history. Quoqo is typically given to boys born on a certain day or under specific circumstances, and it carries a special meaning that may vary depending on the specific cultural context within the Akan community.

In terms of meaning, Quoqo is a name that may symbolize traits such as strength, resilience, or determination. It can be seen as a powerful and meaningful name that reflects positive qualities that parents may wish for their child to embody as they grow and navigate through life.

Overall, Quoqo is a unique and culturally significant name with roots in the rich traditions of the Akan people of Ghana. It carries a sense of heritage, pride, and character, making it a meaningful choice for parents looking for a name that is both distinctive and imbued with cultural significance.


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