An Arabic name, meaning ‘pole star’, and speaks of a focused and determined spirit.

The name Qutub has Arabic origins and can be used for both boys and girls. In Arabic, Qutub means “pole” or “axis,” representing a central point or a pivotal figure. This name is often associated with spiritual significance in Sufi tradition, where “Qutub” refers to a spiritual leader or saint who acts as a central spiritual guide.

Historically, the concept of “Qutub” originated in the Islamic mystical tradition of Sufism, where it signifies a person who holds a central spiritual role within the mystical hierarchy. The Qutub is seen as the spiritual axis around which the universe revolves, and they are believed to possess extraordinary spiritual powers.

Choosing the name Qutub for your child could reflect a desire for them to embody qualities of leadership, spiritual guidance, and a profound connection to the divine. It can be a meaningful and unique choice for parents who value spiritual depth and symbolism in a name.


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