A bold and daring name meaning “Joy” – perfect for a young fighter who never gives up.

The name Raff is of German origin and is a variant of the name Ralf, which is derived from the Old Norse name Ráðúlfr, meaning “counselor wolf.” In Germanic cultures, the wolf was considered a symbol of courage and wisdom, and the name Raff/Ralf was often given to individuals believed to possess these qualities.

Raff can also be seen as a short form of the Hebrew name Raphael, meaning “God has healed,” or from the Old Norse name Ragnvald, meaning “counsel of power.” This versatility allows Raff to be associated with different meanings and origins, giving it a unique and diverse appeal.

Although not as common as some other names, Raff has a strong and distinctive sound that can make it a memorable choice for parents looking for a name that is both uncommon and meaningful. It carries a sense of strength and intelligence, making it a fitting name for a child destined to achieve great things.


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