An independent and creative name meaning “Strong Counsel” – perfect for an individualistic thinker.

The name Reynard is of French and English origin, and it is derived from the Old French name “Reinald,” which itself comes from the Germanic name “Raginald.” The name means “advice” or “counsel” in Old German, reflecting characteristics of wisdom and guidance.

The name Reynard has a rich history dating back to medieval times, where it was popularized by the literary character Reynard the Fox. Reynard the Fox is a cunning and clever anthropomorphic fox who appears in many medieval European fables and stories. The character of Reynard the Fox is known for his wit and resourcefulness, making the name Reynard associated with intelligence and cleverness.

In modern times, the name Reynard is still relatively uncommon but carries a sense of uniqueness and sophistication. It is a distinctive choice for parents looking for a name with a literary and historical flair, as well as a nod to cleverness and wisdom. With its rich meaning and cultural background, Reynard is a name that can make a bold statement while still maintaining a classic charm.


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