A vibrant and stylish name meaning “Rules Wisely”

Name: Reynold

Meaning: Reynold is of German origin and means “counselor, ruler.” It is derived from the Old German name Raginwald, composed of the elements “ragin” meaning “counsel” or “advice,” and “wald” meaning “ruler” or “power.”

Background History: Reynold has a long history as a given name, dating back to medieval times in Europe. It was a popular name among nobility and royalty in countries such as Germany and France. The name has variations in different languages, such as Reinhold in German and Renauld in French.

Notable bearers of the name include Reynold de Burgh, an Anglo-Norman nobleman who played a significant role in the history of Ireland, and Reynold Tharp, an American artist known for his abstract paintings.

Reynold is a classic and noble-sounding name with a strong and authoritative meaning. It has a timeless quality that makes it a good choice for parents looking for a traditional yet distinctive name for their baby boy.


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