A thoughtful and honorable name meaning “From the shire” – perfect for a leader with a big heart.

The name Ritt is of English origin and is a variant of the name Ritter. Ritt derives from the Middle English word “ritere,” meaning “knight,” and was originally used as an occupational surname for a soldier or cavalryman. Over time, Ritt has also been used as a given name for boys, evoking qualities of bravery, chivalry, and strength.

While not as common as other names, Ritt has a unique and historical feel to it. It may appeal to parents who are looking for a name that is uncommon yet still has a traditional and classic sound. The simplicity of the name Ritt can make it easy to spell and pronounce, which can be a plus for children as they grow up.

Overall, Ritt is a strong and distinctive name that carries a sense of valor and nobility. It can be a great choice for parents seeking a name with character and a hint of medieval charm.


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