derived from old English name meaning “son of Robert”; often seen as charismatic and easy-going

The name Robson is of English origin and is derived from the Old German name Robert, which means “bright fame” or “famous one.” It is a patronymic surname indicating “son of Robert.” The name Robson has been used as a first name as well, likely originating from families with the surname Robson.

Robson can be a unique and charming choice for a baby boy, combining a classic sound with a modern twist. It is a name that carries a sense of strength and individuality, while still remaining approachable.

Famous individuals with the surname Robson include English actor and director Alan Robson, as well as former Newcastle United football manager Sir Bobby Robson. The surname has a rich history in the United Kingdom, especially in the northern regions like Northumberland and Durham.

Overall, Robson is a solid choice for parents seeking a name with a blend of tradition and modern appeal.


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