A noble and ambitious name meaning “Roman” – perfect for a boy who loves to soar high.

The name Romulus is of Latin origin and its meaning is often associated with the legendary founder of Rome. Romulus was one of the twin brothers raised by a she-wolf according to Roman mythology, with his brother Remus. It is said that Romulus went on to establish the city of Rome and became its first king.

The name Romulus has a strong and noble connotation due to its ties to Roman history and mythology. It exudes qualities such as leadership, determination, and bravery. It could be a fitting choice for parents who admire Roman culture or who wish to give their child a name with a powerful and storied background.

While Romulus is a unique and striking name, parents should be aware that it carries strong associations with ancient Rome and may not be as commonly used or accepted in modern society. However, for those seeking a name rich in history and symbolism, Romulus could be a memorable choice for their child.


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