Meaning “Born under the Planet Saturn”, the origins of this name are out of this world.

The name Saturnino has Latin origins and is the Italian and Spanish form of the name Saturninus, derived from the Roman god Saturn, who was the god of agriculture and wealth. The name Saturnino is quite rare and unique, making it a distinctive choice for a baby boy.

Historically, Saturninus was a popular Roman name, borne by several individuals in ancient times. There was a Saint Saturninus who was a martyr in Gaul during the persecution of Christians in the 3rd century. The name gained popularity in Italy and Spain due to its association with this saint.

Saturnino is a strong and dignified name that carries connotations of tradition, strength, and resilience. It exudes a sense of history and mythology, making it a meaningful choice for parents who appreciate classical names with a rich background.

Overall, Saturnino is a powerful and evocative name that can make a beautiful and unique choice for a baby boy, giving him a name with a deep historical and mythological significance.


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