An entrancing name signifying “From the South Meadow”.

The name Savile is of English origin and typically used as a surname that has transitioned into a first name in modern times. It is believed to have originated from the Old French personal name Sauville, derived from the Latin name Salvius, meaning “one who saves” or “savior.”

The surname Savile is most famously associated with the Savile family, an influential English aristocratic family that played a significant role in British history. The most notable member of this family is John Savile, 1st Baron Savile of Pontefract, who was a prominent figure during the English Civil War. Additionally, Savile Row in London is a famous street known for its bespoke tailoring and is named after the Savile family.

As a first name, Savile exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance, reflecting the aristocratic heritage of the name. It is a unique and distinguished choice for parents looking for a name with historical significance and a touch of old-world charm.


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