A tasteful name derived from the English for “Grazing Farm”.

The name Sedgwick is of Old English origin and is derived from the words “sæd,” meaning “marsh,” and “wíc,” meaning “place,” or “dwelling.” This gives the name a literal meaning of “dweller by the marsh.”

Sedgwick is a surname that originated as a place name in England, most likely referring to someone who lived near a marshy area. The surname has been noted in historical records dating back to the medieval period in England. Over time, Sedgwick evolved into a given name for boys, although it remains relatively uncommon.

Famous individuals with the surname Sedgwick include American actress Kyra Sedgwick and her husband, actor Kevin Bacon, who both come from prominent families in the entertainment industry. This connection has likely contributed to a modern resurgence in interest in the name Sedgwick.

Overall, Sedgwick is a distinctive and historic name with a strong English heritage. It may appeal to parents seeking a unique and meaningful name with ties to nature and the past.


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