French origin, meaning “From the Settlement”.

The name Vance is of English origin and is derived from the Old English name “Fawkes,” which means “falcon.” Falcons are known for their speed, grace, and keen vision, so the name Vance can symbolize attributes such as swiftness, agility, and sharpness.

As a surname, Vance has a rich history and is commonly found in English-speaking countries like England, Scotland, and Ireland. It may have originated as a nickname for someone with some association with falcons or as a reference to someone who displayed traits similar to those of a falcon.

In modern times, Vance is a strong and distinctive name that exudes a sense of power and elegance. It has a timeless quality that appeals to many parents looking for a name that is unique yet easily recognizable.

Overall, Vance is a wonderful choice for parents seeking a name with a rich history, a bold sound, and a touch of symbolism associated with qualities like speed, precision, and strength.


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