Hindi origin, meaning “Lord of the Water”.

The name Varrun is a unique and uncommon name with origins in India. It is derived from the Sanskrit language, where “Varun” (sometimes spelled as Varrun) is the name of the Hindu god of the water and the celestial ocean. In Hindu mythology, Varuna is a powerful deity associated with the sky, water, and the cosmic order.

The name Varrun carries a deep meaning related to the element of water, which symbolizes life, purity, and divine power in Hindu belief. People who are given this name are often viewed as strong and wise, possessing qualities associated with the divine and the natural world.

In modern times, the name Varrun is rare and distinctive, making it a unique choice for parents looking for a name with rich cultural and mythological significance. It can be a wonderful option for families seeking a name that reflects a connection to spirituality, nature, and ancient traditions.

Overall, Varrun is a name that carries a sense of mystery, strength, and spirituality, making it a meaningful and special choice for a child’s name.


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