Hindu origin, meaning “Lord Vishnu”.

The name Vithoba holds rich cultural and historical significance. It is a Sanskrit name that is predominantly used in India, particularly in the state of Maharashtra. Vithoba is another name for the Hindu deity Lord Krishna, who is worshipped as a form of Vishnu, one of the principal deities in Hinduism.

The name Vithoba itself is a combination of two Sanskrit words – “Vitthala,” which means “one who stands on a brick,” and “abha,” which means “bright or radiant.” This name is associated with Lord Krishna’s iconic pose of standing on a brick with one hand on his hip. Devotees of Vithoba often refer to him affectionately as “Vithoba” or “Vitthala.”

In Maharashtra, Vithoba is a beloved deity whose main temple is located in Pandharpur. The annual festival of Ashadi Ekadashi, which celebrates Vithoba’s divine presence in Pandharpur, draws millions of pilgrims each year.

Parents who choose the name Vithoba for their child often do so as an expression of their devotion to Lord Krishna and as a way to invoke blessings and protection for their little one. It is a name deeply rooted in spiritual and cultural heritage, carrying a sense of reverence and sacredness.


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